More than just for Thanksgiving

“The Best Yam Vodka on Earth,” is the slogan for Covington Vodka from North Carolina.

It might not replace Granny’s sweet potato pie at the Thanksgiving dinner, but you could enjoy the dish and the meal a bit more.

The driving force behind this handcrafted entry in the cluttered vodka market is Jim Eason, a seasoned veteran of the spirits and wine world. Jim’s travels have taken him from retailer to distributor to manufacturer with a stop along the way to work with SKYY Vodka, back when it was just a start-up brand.

Jimbo, as his friends know him, says this about Covington:

“After giving it a great deal of thought and talking to my farmer friends, we decided to create a great vodka from the fruits of our labor, so to speak. Sweet potatoes make an excellent vodka – and why not – folks have been making potato vodka for over 300 years.”

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